Pinterest is still worth the effort?

I wanted to ask a question about Pinterest, someone is having really good results, like in the old days when when a pin went viral you could have 8,000 visits in a day?
Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth continuing to try with Pinterest, or just stop wasting time and focusing on the SEO of my website.
The good thing about those “events” is that the publications were filled with comments then they went up in google, in fact my top recipes are still those that at some point were viral on Pinterest (I assume that for the comments) any thought they have about it I will appreciate them very much.


Pinterest is 100% worth the effort! It is a platform that requires consistency, so you have to publish content on a schedule, over time, expecting future results.

Focus on SEO and keyword research, too, but as a food blogger there is a lot of opportunity to get traffic from Pinterest, as well.

My two cents! :slight_smile:


I agree with @megan that Pinterest is still worth it but you have to be consistent with it. I know there are several people who’ve had recent success with it when being consistent (@KristinWeeks comes to mind) so I don’t think it’s worth giving up on.

I will say, I did the bare minimum for Pinterest for over a year and am now starting to invest more time into it after hearing about the success of others as well as what some of the experts are saying. There are two things I’m being cognizant of though:

1 - the ROI on my time. I try not to spend a lot of time making and scheduling new pins because I’m not sure what my ROI will be moving forward. But I am consistently posting 2 new pins a day.

2 - The Pinterest of old is gone, and I can’t expect to have the type of traffic that I used to get. Doesn’t mean I still don’t get traffic or that it won’t increase, but I have to manage my expectations.

All of that said, I think focusing on SEO is more important than Pinterest, and if you have to pick and choose due to your schedule than for me, SEO comes first!


Lately, I have seen a lot of success with Pinterest. But like @taryn and @megan have both said it is all about consistency. I started posting 2 new pins a day since January and my Pinterest traffic keeps going up. There are days I only get one out but I’m still staying pretty consistent.

I had a big Pinterest win last weekend that has motivated me to keep going with it. I had over 4,000 visits from just 1 or 2 pins for a Saint Patrick’s day recipe which is huge for me. It has died off but has given me even more of a push to keep putting them out there. You just don’t know what ones are going to take off.


Hi Irene!
From what I’ve learned , Pinterest can take time. I started pinning the beginning of 2022. Not much was happening. Then in late spring I took a month break because my site was going through a revamp, then my stats really dropped. Now that I’ve been active (pinning 3-5 times a day based on the amount content I have) things just started moving … but still slow.
I’ve been told to give it more time.


Thank you all very much for your answers.

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I only started my blog in May of 22 so I don’t have the experience / trauma of knowing how Pinterest used to be in the good old days. My expectations are fairly limited, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my growth and traffic.

In January '23 I started pinning 3-5 new pins a day, at least 6 days a week. My traffic has steadily grown ever since (traffic on Pinterest and coming to my site). I’ve only had a handful of pins (maybe 10) with big numbers - over 10k. The majority of traffic is scattered among a few hundred pins.

So for me, it’s worth the time and effort. But again, I have more limited expectations of the platform.


That’s great @Christina-Jolam! Are you pinning static pins or idea pins? Or a combo of both?

Combo of both. The daily pins are mostly static. I do 1-2 new (or re-cut) idea pins a week. Although during Lent I’ve tried to really promote Fish Friday recipes. But the idea pins seem to be getting fewer impressions the last month or so. But they’re pretty…so I can’t stop. :wink:

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