Pinterest is calling for submissions

Here is the call from Pinterest

Latiné Influences

It’s time to inspire! Submit content that highlights your creativity and appreciation toward the Latiné Influences in your life. In honor of celebrating Latiné Heritage Month, create at least one Video or Static Pin that is inspired through Latiné influences on any of the themes below:

DIY & Art
Music, books & entertainment
Beauty & Wellness

Apply here, deadline 10.15: Submit your Latiné Influenced Pins!

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I’m super late, but I’m Latina (Chilean) and my blog is about Chilean/Peruvian/Argentine cuisine.
I have a fairly active Pinterest account in Spanish, but I have content in English. My problem is that I don’t know how to focus the account… if I upload content in both languages, or make another account only in English, I have asked on Pinterest but they have never answered me (i’m talking about the people from Latin America) do you know if on the US side I could talk to someone or if you have any advice on the matter?

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Shoot, I’m not sure who you should talk to @Irene - I haven’t heard the best things about getting in touch with Pinterest. Mostly that they’re not very responsive. Do you know other food blogger who have dual language accounts that could provide some insight? @nbelgrave might?

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Hi @Irene, @taryn I have mainly focused on English but I also have Spanish boards on my Pinterest account. I have noticed that recently I have gained more traffic from the Spanish side even though I don’t post that frequently. I have though of separating but I feel right now that would be too much work.

This is my profile if you would like to take a look

I have seen Mama Latina Tips, have something similar as I described above (this is her profile:

Hope this helps. Let me know if I can clear any information I mentioned. :slight_smile:


I think that if you make pins in Spanish, your content should be in Spanish as well. If you direct a Spanish speaking pinner or Pinterest user to an English language blog, he/she will be confused. I don’t know what Pinterest does but I am actually looking into it myself. I will keep you posted.

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thanks for your answer. I make pins and content in both languages ​​(pins in English lead to content in English) but my audience (a little over 60k) are Spanish speakers… so I don’t know. The issue has me confused since Pinterest also does not have clear information about these cases, but I don’t know if 2 different accounts can be linked to a single website and on the other hand my account is old and verified so theoretically it has more reach than one account normal.