Pinterest guide I found helpful

Passing along a resource that I found to be really helpful! It’s a free Pinterest guide from Amy at Levee Road Studio.

She also has some other low-cost offers that if you sign up for the guide you get discounts on - I found her Pinterest Rank Boost 2.0 course (about Pinterest SEO) and the Pinterest Description Swipe File to be really good values. With the discounts I think they were $50 total.

I’m also doing her higher level course which is all about Pinning strategy/workflow. So far it’s really good but a higher price point ($250). All of them I think are worth checking out though!

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Thanks Taryn! Are you seeing results after implementing her course strategies? Or is it too early to see how things are working?

I haven’t finished the course yet! And I would need to give it 6-9 months before I decide if it’s working. I just think the info is really helpful and that would be good to know when creating pins.

ETA: I also like that she backs up a lot of what she is telling you to do by showing what Pinterest is asking for in their engineering papers. Like “they’re saying they want this, so that’s why we should do it this way”.

Thanks, Taryn! I have a couple projects on my plate right now but I will save this for later.

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