Pinterest-Getting the Ball Rolling

I’m a lightweight blogger. I do it part time and have another part-time job. One thing I struggle with is gaining momentum on Pinterest. I have a few posts that I know have potential, but they are just stalling out. I have only 1.7M monthly viewers so I really depend on a larger influencer to share my content. I don’t have the time for something like Tailwind. Thoughts?

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In my opinion, Tailwind will help you gain momentum AND save you time. It’s worth the $ and time investment up front, plus you can take advantage of the tribes inside.

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I agree with Megan. I feel like Tailwind saves me so much time. I can schedule out my own posts in advance. Then the 20% of other peoples post I usually do from the Tailwind app on my phone while I’m watching tv in the evening. Tailwind allows me to schedule a month of pins and then not worry about Pinterest until it’s time to schedule out the next month.

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My industry (Disney & Universal Travel) has been oversaturated with folks using tailwind without really focusing on the board dynamics. Personally, I actually didn’t renew my tailwind account on Black Friday and have been focusing on creating new pins. In fact, I actually left over 50 group boards last month, and although my monthly reach has gone down a little, it’s not too bad.

I’m always up for re-joining tailwind, but it seemed like Pinterest was punishing folks who were using it as a marketing “spray and pray” vs really utilizing the platform for a search engine & idea board.

What have y’all be using to keep your pinterest content fresh?