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I can’t imagine I’m the only one who has spent a lot of time trying to figure out and please Pinterest :laughing:. Does anyone know if Pinterest revised yet again their definition of a “fresh pin”? I was of the understanding that it’s the first time a particular image from a specific URL hits Pinterest either through TW, Pinterest itself or pinning from your site.

But does that mean that with a new post whichever pin is the first one pinned from that URL becomes the one and only fresh pin? Or is each pin with a new image from that URL considered fresh pins the first time they are pinned and then pinning those pins to new boards are “duplicate pins”?

Hopefully I haven’t confused anyone but would love some clarification! And happy Thanksgiving to all!


I think it’s this one, but I hope others will chime in for sure!

I know @Heykristiehill could give you a better answer than I could! :smile:

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From what I understand, your first pin from a new URL is the “fresh fresh pin”. It’s the one that Pinterest loves the most. After that, the other standard “fresh pins” are the ones with the same URL but a different photo/text.

My understanding also is that you don’t necessarily want to do a new fresh pin for the sake of doing a new fresh pin. You want to check pinterest and see how the other one did and whether pinterest gets your subject matter (by seeing what the recommended pins are below your pin).

Then, once you check on what you can improve, THEN you make a fresh pin with those improvements.

Seriously, though, I’m not sure how to do that but I’m trying. For instance, I recently did a recipe for blondies (like brownies except not cocoa). It’s not getting the traction I want and it may be the word blondies. I’m just guessing that maybe people aren’t searching for blondies.

So tonight, I made a new fresh pin but this time, I said cookie bars instead. We’ll see.


Thank you for your response! I love the cookie bar idea btw!

It’s so hard to know what to do. While I agree on not doing one for the sake of a new pin, it’s still so confusing!

Thanks again!

This is a clip from Mellisa’s email from Blog Clarity. I’m frustrated that Pinterest’s performance has been falling for me and now this! Any thoughts y’all?
Out of all the social media platforms, Pinterest is hands-down the most frustrating. And it wasn’t too long ago, Pinterest said two things that made people even more frustrated:

  1. A new/fresh pin is now defined as a URL + the FIRST pin created for that URL . Previously, each new pin image + URL combination was a new/fresh pin. This is no longer the case.
  2. Pinterest has said they want images to NEW URLs pinned to Pinterest.

First, let’s break down what that means.

1. Fresh/new pins= URL + first pin for that URL. In the past, each time you made a new pin image for a URL (blog post, product, page) and pinned it, that would count as a fresh/new pin. At this point, we already knew Pinterest wanted these fresh/new pins, so content creators started making 10, 25, 50 pins all directing back to the same URL.

Not only was it tons of work (even with templates and a good process), I couldn’t help but think it felt spammy.

Apparently, Pinterest did too. Now, they define in a new pin as the first pin for a particular URL. That means, if you create 5 pins for a blog post and pin them to 5 boards, that’s 25 pins. One new/fresh pin and 24 duplicate pins.

2. Pinterest wants new URLs AND new/fresh pins. New URLs means NEW CONTENT. Like in the old days where people published a gazillion times a week. Pinterest essentially said they want Pinterest to be a place pinners discover new content, so they want content creators to pin new content to their platform.

Combined, this means: Pinterest wants bloggers and biz owners to work really, really hard churning out new content to share on their platform and will give the most search engine juice to a pin the FIRST time it’s pinned to Pinterest.

Um, that sounds like it’s not even worth bothering at this point. But there’s good news!

@Ginainga - I moved your post to this thread as there’s already been an ongoing discussion!

Thanks for sharing the details from that email!

That’s discouraging. You would get one chance for a pin to be good for a post and that’s it. Is anyone got any analytics to back this up? Are you seeing your first pin for a post having the most traffic?

Thank you for sharing…what is the good news that you mention? I am seeing my recent days pins from Tailwind only have 1 view (see below)…wondering if something is up for sure. I had finally a strategy and now nothing…

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Sometimes I have found the reporting is inaccurate in the first 24-48 hours. I have had posts show say 200 impressions, then see in drop down to 2. Just keep an eye out after a week before drawing any conclusions.

Good advice! Thank you!

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Yes, Of course, you are right. Every pin with a new image will be considered as a fresh pin. You got it right.
Have a look.

I don’t know like you :sweat_smile: