Pinterest Food & Drink — Food Videography 101 Zoom Call

Noticed this in an email from Pinterest today.
Coming Up

Creator Community Meetup

Thursday, 9am PT / 12pm ET

Thursday, 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Join us for our Weekly Meetup, where you’ll get your creative juices flowing with other inspiring creators during a brainstorm session. There will also be time to ask questions to the Pinterest team during a Q&A. Please note this session will be available at two different times one at 9am PST and a second session at 12pm PST. [Zoom link]

Workshops: Save the Date!!

Food & Drink — Food Videography 101

Thursday, 5/20 — 9am PST / 12pm EST

Learn filming basics from food stylist and photographer Kate Blohm. You’ll learn how to shoot stunning and delicious food videos on camera like a pro. No previous experience required. Followed by a Q&A.


This is awesome Gina! Thank you!

@Ginainga - That food videography workshop sounds interesting! Is there a sign up link?

I signed up for their content creator community and this was then sent to me. I get daily emails about what is going on in the form too.

Well, guys, this workshop was not what I thought. Somehow I have been invited to a private content creator community. I got the invite I’m march but didn’t realize what it was. As I was poking around today just realized the invite was through pinterst business. It’s a forum much like we have here but the leaders are the Pinterst employees. Today’s zoom call was with about 20 people, Alisa from tailwind was there and 5 other Pinterst employees. The rest were content creators. There might have been one other food blogger, I"m not sure. The session was on story pins and everyone explained with a bit of passion how story pins really don’t do anything for the creators. The pinterest employees agreed that they have let the ball drop and are looking for ways to make our time and efforts worthwhile. The big takeaway I got is Pinterest goal is to create a platform that we can build a business on with creating content and be paid through Pinterest for what we create. that’s their long-term goal. we can talk more later on our call if y’all want.

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Thanks for the update. I signed up with Pinterest yesterday and couldn’t find the class in the creator community. That’s very useful information to know that Pinterest’s vision is to encourage us to create content we can get paid for.
If there’s anything else that you can recall, please share it with us!

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Interesting, @Ginainga thank you for sharing!

Very Interesting. It sounds really great. You must join this zoom video call in food photography.

This is awesome gina thanks