Pinterest Asking Users to Claim Sites Again

So I was listening to the lovely @Megan talk to Kate Ahl on the clubhouse today and another blogger, I forget who, said she’d gotten an email from Pinterest this morning about reclaiming her website.
So I went to my dashboard and had the same message. I claimed it like a zillion years ago or that’s how it feels.
My question is the web address that shows that it’s claimed is the one I had before I had the secure website done–you know the https. So I’m wondering if I need to do both?
Any ideas? I also had to reconnect Insta and Youtube.

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Thanks for the heads up, although I’ve not received an email… :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’ve got the same problem - both the ‘claim’ and the ‘unclaim’ buttons are grayed out. It’s been going on for weeks, but since my Pinterest stats are so rubbish, I tossed in on the way back burner, thinking it was Pinterest’s way of telling me to hang it up (just kidding). I don’t have an email, but I guess I’ll contact them.

But had you already claimed your website when you started it?

Yes, I claimed my site a few years ago. I’m still getting analytics and my Insta and UTube are still claimed. It’s weird.

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Did you ever sort this out? I noticed the same thing in my acct today, both are greyed out. I tried inserting a new tag but then I get an error message saying something went wrong. :thinking:

I emailed them through the website, didn’t hear a thing, and magically got access to Pinterest Stories. My buttons are still messed up. I tried the same thing you did, to no avail. Pinterest has got some serious issues.

On the happier side, I’ve done a few stories and they have certainly gotten more impressions than my pins lately. Even more traffic.

I know I need to deal with the Pinterest weirdness, but it’s so difficult I keep putting it off. I mean like I’d rather clean the oven (or put my head in it). My guess is that they’re not acknowledging the claim button issue is that they know about it and don’t know how to resolve it.

I’ll post back if I discover a solution.


Yeah, I’m not happy with Pinterest right now. I went from 8k page views a month to less than 800, overnight! Grrrrr…

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