Pinterest Asking Users to Claim Sites Again

So I was listening to the lovely @Megan talk to Kate Ahl on the clubhouse today and another blogger, I forget who, said she’d gotten an email from Pinterest this morning about reclaiming her website.
So I went to my dashboard and had the same message. I claimed it like a zillion years ago or that’s how it feels.
My question is the web address that shows that it’s claimed is the one I had before I had the secure website done–you know the https. So I’m wondering if I need to do both?
Any ideas? I also had to reconnect Insta and Youtube.

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Thanks for the heads, although I’ve not received an email… :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’ve got the same problem - both the ‘claim’ and the ‘unclaim’ buttons are grayed out. It’s been going on for weeks, but since my Pinterest stats are so rubbish, I tossed in on the way back burner, thinking it was Pinterest’s way of telling me to hang it up (just kidding). I don’t have an email, but I guess I’ll contact them.

But had you already claimed your website when you started it?

Yes, I claimed my site a few years ago. I’m still getting analytics and my Insta and UTube are still claimed. It’s weird.

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