Past introductions

Welcome to a FREE forum-style community for food bloggers and friends! Consider this forum to be your new hub for all things food blogging!

Use this thread to introduce yourself! Tell us:

  1. Your name
  2. Your blog name and focus
  3. How long you’ve been blogging
  4. A fun fact about yourself

I’ll start!

  1. Megan Porta
  2. Pip and Ebby - focus on easy dinners and comfort food (and desserts!)
  3. 9.5 years
  4. I have two different-colored eyes

Hi! I’m Jane. My blog is and my focus is baking! I’m entering my third year of blogging.

Hmmmm, a fun fact? I think I enjoy taking the pictures as much as I do baking! I was a wedding photographer for 10 years and I just really love that part, although I take all my pictures with my phone :heart:

  1. Melissa Erdelac
  2. MamaGourmand - easy comfort food, huge sweet tooth, all approachable gluten free
  3. entering my 5th year
  4. I recently hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up in one day (18 miles).

Plus you are THE most talented baker I know, hands down. :heart:

You’re amazing, Melissa! :heart:

  1. Elaine VanVleck
  2. Small Farm Big Life - easy gluten free baking and meals
  3. almost 2 years, but only 1 year consistently
  4. I grew up on a 400 acre ranch and now live on a 15 acre farm.

Hey Elaine! Thank you for sharing and WOW on all of your acres! :smile:

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Hi! I am a total newbie in the food blogging world!! Working hard to grow in 2020…just starting to understand Pinterest and SEO. Loving the podcast and the welcoming feel of the community!

  1. Claire
  2. Book Lovers Pizza, books (reviews - all genres) and food (mostly healthy, easy, real food)
  3. 8 months
  4. Plucking my eyebrows makes me sneeze!

Claire! So glad you are here! There are some super smart food bloggers here that can answer your Pinterest and SEO questions, so if you have specific ones please feel comfortable starting up a discussion.

Plucking your eyebrows makes you sneeze… that’s one I’ve never heard! Great fun fact!


Hey all!

  1. My name’s Michelle and I live right between Baltimore and DC

  2. A bucketlist goal of mine is to go to all the states, and I have just Alaska left! In my blog ( I like to mimic unique things I’ve had on my travels throughout the United States because I think some dishes and drinks are too good to have just once, and I also want to share travel tips so other foodies know where to get the best eats in different cities.

  3. My site just launched last week, check it out! I’m on instagram @eatlikeyoureonvacation–let’s be friends :blush:

  4. I got to ride on a Zamboni during a Capitals game once to wave at the crowd. (An Olympian was supposed to be the special guest but they didn’t show and I talked the Zamboni driver into taking me instead.) :rofl:


Hi Michelle! Wow, just Alaska is left?? That’s amazing! And I think that is HILARIOUS that you replaced an olympian on a zamboni. :rofl: :rofl:

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  1. Sonila
  2. Mediterranean Latin Love Affair - I blog about Mediterranean and Latin American recipes, i get inspired from family recipes from both my and my husband’s backgrounds. It helps we live in Miami, FL, lots of great food from so many countries.
  3. I’ve been blogging a bit over a year.
  4. My husband and I got married in New Zealand.

Welcome, Sonila! Your recipes looks so fresh and yummy! And how cool that you got married in New Zealand. I’ve heard it’s such a beautiful place.

I’m so glad you are here! Feel free to look around, comment or start up a new thread of your own if you have something you need help with or that you’d like to discuss!

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Hi there! Nice to meet everyone!

  • my name is Krista
  • - my husband and I enjoy traveling together. I take cooking classes all around the globe and use those experiences and flavors to inspire my cooking!
  • I’ve been blogging almost 2 years.
  • peas and celery are my least favorite foods. Lol!

Hey guys! Thank you Krista for showing me this forum.
•my name is Amy
•I’ve been blogging for almost a year now.
•I’m terrified of the dark!

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Hi Krista! Your food looks DELICIOUS! I was drooling over the ricotta cookies, yum! Super happy that you found this forum… I hope you’ll feel comfortable asking questions and offering support here. No peas and celery, huh?! Do you use them as ingredients in your recipes?

Yay, so glad you’re here, Amy! I love your Instagram feed. I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for a year… your content is incredible!

I love your fun fact!!

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Hi Everyone!

  1. Cathy
  2. Cathy’s Gluten Free - wholesome gluten free recipes
  3. I’ve been blogging for four years, but rebranded to this one two years ago.
  4. Although I live in Canada, all of our grown children have settled in the States, so we visit as often as we can in our motorhome.

Hi @Cathy ! Welcome to EBC! Can’t wait to check out your blog. I’m curious to hear how your rebrand went… I hope it was seamless!

We have a motorhome, too! I always love to meet others who love to travel around the states. We are actually plan to drive ours into Canada this summer for the first time. I can’t wait!

Please feel comfortable starting discussions if you ever need advice on anything!