Paid Email Course

Has anyone ever done an email course that you charge for?

I asked my audience yesterday what format would they want a course in and email was number 1 ahead of other things like Zoom, Facebook, E-book, or YouTube.

I haven’t but I’ve been hearing more and more about something like this. I’ll look for some resources for you!

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Thanks Bethany!

I am thinking premium content not available elsewhere. They would buy it and then go into a workflow, that they would enter after paying for the course via PayPal.

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No, I haven’t but I had to answer your quiz since I am from the popcorn capital of the country, Indiana. :slight_smile: I am a huge fan of ladyfinger popcorn. it’s tiny cernals that don’t get in your teeth, good for braces and such. super tasty. I usually get it in shipshawanna, IN but I am finding it on Amazon now.

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Thanks for answering my quiz!!!

My daughter loves ladyfinger popcorn. We also love going to Shipshewana. We have been there several times. The fried chicken at the Blue Gate is the best. We also like stocking up on pantry supplies at E&S sales not to mention all the cheese.

Small world! my daughter was there today. she lives in GA with us but is home (Auburn) visiting family right now. E&S was top priority. Also the pretzel place in the big building with the tree running up the middle. she sent me this pic today…


Those are good pretzels, I have had them before. My wife and I spend our 10th anniversary in Shipshewana.
My wife’s cousin was married in Auburn.

What’s the cousin’s last name? its not a big town really so if they were from there we probably know the family in some way. :wink: I grew up on a dairy farm there. my hubby was raised in town there too.

Those pretzels look amazing!! Makes me miss traveling but looking forward to it in the future!

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The cousin isn’t from there, his wife is. I am not sure of her maiden name.

Hey! I clicked on this because of the Email subject line, however, I learned about this ladyfinger popcorn that I’m now very interested in. I love eating popcorn but hate when the kernels get stuck between my teeth. So thank you both for chatting about the popcorn! :slight_smile: :popcorn:Off to Amazon to look for this…

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Did you ever get a hold of the lady finger popcorn?