Over 40 email list! (Sign up now!)

After some of our recent podcast episodes, especially episode #132 with Jen Lefforge, we’ve heard loud and clear that many of you over 40 want ways to get more connected and feel empowered.

And since we (Megan & Bethany) are both over 40, we are right there with you.

We are brainstorming some ideas now, and would love for you to sign up for our email list to be the first to know when we have more details on what’s to come!

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ok, I might have signed up twice… can’t remember if I did previously. Is this a sign that I need to be in this group. lol


Haha, maybe so! I checked and you are on the list :slight_smile:

While I’m just 40 this year, I’m excited about this! I feel like a lot of the people in groups I’m in are younger and in a different spot in life than I am.