Outsourcing web stories

Hey all,

Does anyone have a good contact for a VA or similar who creates web stories for recipe blogs?

Please let me know.


The one that immediately comes to mind is Allison Lancaster. Here’s her website: Google Web Stories Strategy and Management - Allison Lancaster

I know she’s only taking on a handful of new clients through 5/15 then will take some time off for the summer, so if you’re interested I would reach out sooner rather than later.

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Hey Nat,
My VA is great and mentioned he had some availability a few weeks ago, so that may be a good match! I’ll see if I can send you his info in a message on here.


I am working with Allison, she has been great so far. However, I heard recently that Google has started to deprioritize them so not sure how much longer I will have her do them for me.


Great thanks Taryn, I really appreciate it.

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