NYT article on the "Community Cookbook"

Hey all, have you seen this article? It was really interesting and had some great tidbits for food bloggers. (& I was able to access the article for free once I logged in.)

I also wonder – how can food bloggers jump on this train? I know it may feel like this is somehow encroaching on your business, but what are ways to take it and integrate it to what you are doing and give your readers/followers what they want?

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Here are a few quotes I found interesting:

Ms. Santa Cruz, 30, said she finds the sheer amount of food content on the internet to be overwhelming, from chefs’ online cooking classes to celebrities’ kitchen tours on Instagram Live. Many cookbooks have “such a stringent point of view,” she said. “It is not a conversation.

Mr. Calisterio, 32, said too many cocktail books use bartending jargon and rely on complicated methods. He wanted this book to feel more like a conversation, with recipes that call for everyday ingredients. Nonna Titulauri, who worked at the Chinese restaurant Hakkasan San Francisco before the coronavirus shutdown, developed a version of a Bloody Mary that can be made with jarred salsa.

These are great things for food bloggers to think about too! I recently did a survey about how people use online recipes (I’ll have that report out next week for everyone to download!) and these types of comments came up also.

I can see this type of cookbook going crazy right now, with most of us having extra time for creativity. I like the idea of food bloggers jumping on this train! It sounds fun! Let me just go add it to my list of projects… :joy: :joy:

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