New podcast launched! Cook Local, Eat Local

I realize I shared the news of my new podcast in the podcast group Megan created recently but not here!

Cook Local, Eat Local launched Thursday with our first 3 episodes! An intro, an episode brainstorm what to do with my CSA farm share, and one on local food / sustainability.

You can check them out here:

Would appreciate any feedback! And of course, ratings and subscriptions are much appreciated!

A big thank you to @megan for her encouragement and support! As well as the podcaster group – it’s been great to get the insight of folks who are also launching podcasts.


Congratulations David! You are doing such a great job!

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Congratulations David! I will check out the podcast!

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Thanks! Hope you get a chance to listen!

I look forward to sharing the interview with you, @amykatz!

Whoo hoo! love seeing the vision come to life.

I enjoyed the first episode. Definitely piqued my interest in getting a CSA and focus on local foods. We already use our farmers market once the produce starts coming around (it’s a short season here in the midwest) but a CSA hasn’t been something we’ve done before.

But I also love your “day job” and learning what you do! I have a social work degree and loved working in a neighborhood center to connect with the inner city families. We’re a foster family and enjoy being in a neighborhood with lots of people being out and about, connecting.

Thanks again!