New pins for Pinterest

For those of you who are creating new pins to circulate through Pinterest, are you changing both images and text? Or just one of the two?
@mamagourmand …I know you’re in the process of doing this. What has been your process?

I’m new to Canva, so my pins look a lot different than they did before. Usually I’m using the same photo, but adding some extra text besides the name of the dish.

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@Liz Good to know! I’m doing a very similar thing, but once in a while I completely change up the photo as a test.

It’s a pain doing this, but it really does add a fresh look to what we send into the Pinterest whirlpool!

Along the same lines, @mamagourmand was sharing that she has been testing with uploading pins directly to Pinterest (as opposed to pinning from her site) and has seen a lot of traction with the direct-to-Pinterest uploads.

Yes, I’m uploading pins directly to Pinterest and directly to Tailwind. Since I already have a hidden pin in my posts, I only replace that one if it’s really outdated (meaning not up to my standards anymore, LOL).

@Liz @megan So I will use the same images and just redo the pin, adding different titles. If I reshoot the recipe, I obviously use those. For each post, new or old, I will make 3 pins, using a couple different shots. One is pinned from my site and the other 2 are uploaded directly to pinterest. Each pin has a different title, depending on what comes up in the carousel for that recipe. When I upload it to pinterest I schedule them to drip out at different times.

It’s a technique that has been working for me. I’ve been gaining a ton of followers and increased my impressions by a lot. Google used to be my number one traffic source, but since that took a nosedive with the update pinterest has taken back over.


@mamagourmand how often are you pinning? How many per day? It sounds like you’re testing out titles/text… Have you noticed certain types of text work best?

I love that this is working so well for you!! :heart:

Thanks for sharing your routine! Thank you!!!

Thanks @mamagourmand for sharing. Such a great idea using different titles. Glad this is working for you!

@mamagourmand Sorry for the onslaught of questions, but this is great stuff!
Are you changing the Pinterest title AND the text on the pin? What about the description? Are you changing that, too?

Here are the pins I made for a recent recipe…

For the description I keep it mostly the same but will refer to the recipe as the title corresponding with pin. I keep the hashtags the same. Does that make sense?


@mamagourmand Melissa, I’ve been using the same technique as you. I have only been blogging since the end of December, but I am always seeing a steady increase in impressions and link clicks. Organic search has been my number one traffic driver thus far, but Pinterest is number two and almost beating Google.

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Thanks for sharing your pins, @mamagourmand ! This motivates me to start experimenting more. Thank you!

I am finally using Canva (paid version) and can make video pin collages!! This is what has happened to my Pinterest traffic in the past month since starting to make new pins:

Impressions up 42%
Total Audience up 37%
Engagement up 29%

I couldn’t upload, but you can see them on this pin board:

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