New Keyword Research Tool

The information has been posted for what exactly you will get from the new keyword research tool, RankIQ. After reading through I am definitely going to join. He has an early signup discount going on now. I might have said this in another post (to many things to remember in my brain) but I personally have followed Brandon’s podcast for years. I also am a member of his private course group. He is a believer and shares that openly on his podcast as part of his journey, which I admire. Especially the way things are in the media now. I always have found his SEO techniques so helpful and he answered any questions himself that I might have.
Anyway, if anyone is interested here is a link they have given me to share: RankIQ
Hope everyone is having a great Wed. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, @Ginainga! I will check it out.

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Thank you for sharing Gina! I need all the SEO help I can get :sweat_smile:

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