New Google Core Update

Google announced they are releasing a new core update today. They make updates constantly, but do major ones a few times a year and so an announcement comes with it.

We didn’t know it was happening today, but, in case you missed it, we also have an amazing interview with Hashtag Jeff about SEO that went up on the podcast today. One of the main takeaways from him is to not fear Google but instead see Google as giving you an opportunity. This advice is especially true on days we get stressed out about Google core updates!

He also has given our listeners a code for his newly revamped course - instead of $149/year you can get it for $99/year by using code eatblogtalk. I know he’s already worked on some resources about this current core update!


I have not seen an obvious effects from this core update myself. Anyone else?

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If anything my traffic has improved.

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I am holding pretty steady. I can’t really tell because of Thanksgiving but my numbers aren’t where I expected them to be in December Q4 but again also hard to tell bc it’s only really my second December. I recently updated my theme (bad timing on my part) but it is what it is. My organic traffic is up and PInterest is down so that’s def skewing things.

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This research says that recipe sites are one of the winners and up 2.80% since the core update.

Of course, what’s true for a handful of sites may not be true for YOUR site. But, it’s good to hear overall it’s going in a good direction for food bloggers.

(Also, you really should sign up for Aleyda Solis’ email SEOFOMO!)

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Google always has this update to keep there services on top. In fairness, I love it. - Phillip Elden

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I saw impressive change in my data and it was not so good for me.
I don’t know what is the reason but I will not give up

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It took a while for me (over a week, I think?), but this core update affected my site adversely. Ugh, but I’m with you @maryamghamari …I will not give up! :grin: