Need Vegan Barbecue Recipes if you have any!

Hi everyone - I recently purchased a food blog and am updating the existing posts while adding new content. I’m writing a new post called “The Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Guide” and would love to share your recipes & tips that are vegan/plant-based and barbecue friendly…easy picnic-like side dishes would work too. The post will go out at the end of May - thank you in advance!!

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Congratulations on the big new venture! Sounds exciting and perfect timing with summer almost here and my favorite season, grilling season!

@VegeliciousKitchen and Monica from The Hidden Veggies would be good bloggers to connect with! I know there’s more!


Thanks Melissa! The new blog is a lot of work but I’m having fun and look forward to checking out the other bloggers. Cheers!

Here are a couple you could use!

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Hi JJ!

I love cooking veg over coals, though I only have one finished recipe on the blog that includes grilling instructions (in addition to oven and stove-top).

Not sure if it fits what you are looking for. But you are welcome to include it if it does:
Charred Broccolini with Preserved Lemon & Caper Dressing

For a vegan picnic side, I can recommend this Bulgur Wheat Salad with Tahini Herb Dressing because it travels well and is best served at room temperature.

I look forward to following your new endeavour! Buying an existing site sounds very interesting.


Thanks so much for the recipes, Adri – they both sound divine and I’ll send you a link to the article once it’s done. With buying the new site, it’s been a ton of work but I’m SLOWLY rewriting the old articles and adding my own. I’m starting to see a little progress and am thrilled I have this group to get links from. Thanks again, Adri!!



Awesome – thanks Amanda!! These are perfect and once the article’s done, I’ll send you the link. Thanks again!


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I’m going to tag one of my favorite vegan bloggers in hopes that she can contribute something! @amykatz

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Awesome – thank you Megan!! :blush:


Sorry for the delay! You are welcome to include any recipes from my website I will also share a few here.

These are fabulous, Amy – thank you for your generous offer too to add others. I’ll send you the link once the ad is published. Due to circumstances beyond my control, it might be published after Memorial Day, darn it! But definitely in time for 4th of July :blush:



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