Need input regarding website

Hello everyone,
My blog is at
If you could kindly have a look at my site and suggest one of the following.
Target is to clean my site and make it more intuitive and user friendly.

  1. Go for a customized homepage refresh (its costing me a little more beyond my budget)
  2. go for feast plugin and do some customization (i don’t know where to start from, and if i need any technical assistance)

Any input or pointers will be helpful.
Thanks and Regards

Hi Nadia,

Feast has a white glove service I believe and they can set up everything for you. If you are going with the feast plugin, I think you should stick with their modern homepage vs. a customized one.

Hi Nadia,

To me it makes more sense to do the Feast plugin and some minor customization, just because you get so much out of the plugin on the back end as well as cleaning up your site aesthetically. Especially since Option 1 is costing more than what you really have in your budget.

If you have more specific questions let us know how we can help!

thanks alot and yes that makes sense, any idea how much technical help that would require?


right, i heard its pricey, may be i can contact them and find out. thanks alot

Unfortunately I don’t know much about technical website customization. But my hunch is it would be something along the lines of Grace & Vine’s Designer for a Day package.

I would start there for an idea of what it could cost to do what you’re wanting.

I would go for the Feast plugin but you might want to reach out to Grayson at iMarkinteractive and see if he can do something more affordable.

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