Need Cherry Recipes Please!

I’m writing a post called “All About Cherries” for my new blog Easy Way to Vegan and want to add some recipe ideas at the end (vegan if possible!).
Salads, desserts, beverages – please send me the links and I will add them as do follow.

I’ll be publishing in a couple of days but will update accordingly. Thanks in advance!

Congratulations on the new blog!

Cherries are a favorite fruit of mine. :cherries: I don’t have any vegan recipes to share but I’ll be excited to check out your list when you do.

@amykatz do you have some or know of another good blogger to tag?


Thanks Melissa – I appreciate the encouraging words!!

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@veganpunks do you have any cherry recipes?

I only have a cocktail recipe, but you’re welcome to use it if it’s helpful. Pimm's & Cherry Lemonade - Awesome on 20

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It looks delicious! Crazy question, since you asked, is it even summer if we’re not having Pimm’s… but what is Pimm"s?? I’m tempted to go get the ingredients to make one!

Thanks for the Pimm’s & Cherry Lemonade recipe, Renee - I added the link to my post and appreciate your recipe! Here’s a link to the post:

I feel like @Barbara might have some cherry recipes to add to your roundup?

@megan she does, but they aren’t vegan - @JJ_Jacobs , if they don’t have to be vegan, here’s one!

This is for a cherry and raspberry coffee cake!

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OMG Melissa - this looks scrumptious!!! I will add it to the post with a note about it not being vegan. It looks too darn good to pass up, and hope no one yelps about it not being vegan :slight_smile: I just purchased the blog and am in the process of updating the recipes and adding my own slant to it, may mention something about trying vegan butter instead if you’re OK with that?

Most definitely! Thanks for asking!