Need calculator plug-in idea

I’m trying to find a wp plugin that I can put in a block within my post that would be a serving size calculator. For example, pulled pork. I want my readers to be able to put in how many people they want to serve, then it will tell them how much raw pork to buy and how many servings cooked they will get.
Has anyone seen something like this?


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Are you referring to a scaling of the whole recipe or just per item? I use WP Tasty for my recipe plug-in and it scales the ingredients 1x, 2x to 3x. Would that be something you’re looking for?


I’m trying to write a post just on buying and serving a product. So my post will be all about pulled pork. I might have a few recipes linked in but it’s not a recipe post. Y’all look at this link, they have the calculator table thing about 1/2 way down.


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I think it’s custom made.
You can get someone on Upwork make it for you for $30.