Music to help you focus

When I do the work sessions like the one we did on Monday, I like to play music that helps me stay focused. It helps me drown out any background noise. I thought I’d share some resources for that in case anyone else would benefit from it!

I primarily listen to, which is a paid subscription that has science-backed music to help you focus. It is not expensive - $7 a month or $50 a year - and I have found it enormously helpful. You can check it out here:

There are also some free resources. One I have used is Music For Programming and it’s a good starting place. You do have to kind of poke around the playlists to find one that works for you, but it is free. Check it out here:

I started with Music For Programming to see if I liked it, then moved over to once I realized how helpful it was for me.

If anyone has other free or paid resources for focus music, please share them below!

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