Multiple Categories

Do you ever put a blog post into more than one category? I am asking because I had someone request my blog have categories for seasons, since I do have a seasonal focus. Right now I have all my apple variety review in one category - apple reviews. But those could be sorted also into a fall or winter category based on when they are released into stores (some apples don’t come out until winter). Or like certain recipes have a seasonal take on them, like my asparagus recipes are best made in the spring when asparagus is in peak season.


Yes, having one post in more than one category often makes sense. I just wouldn’t go overboard. Probably three categories at most. (If you need more, maybe look at your content structure.)

I basically just want to categorize posts that are seasonal, so someone could look up what the best foods are to eat and best recipes for each season of the year.

There’s so much to think about with this! I think you should really write it down and map it out. I know, for instance, just what you do with apples would make sense to have them listed month-by-month. But, is doing that as a category useful or some other way better? It’s hard to know unless you really dive into all your content. I’m hoping to work on developing some resources soon that will help with all this.

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