Monday wins!

Hey everyone, hope you all have an amazing weekend. I’d love to kick off this week with a WIN!!! please feel free to share something that has made you oh so proud lately. Did you publish your first blog post? Did one of your recipes go viral? Did you gain brand new followers on social media?? Let us know!!!

My win for the week is seeing how great my analytics did last month! I took some time off, so I didn’t even post anything new. Which tells me that my efforts on Pinterest have been paying off!

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Hi Dani,

Happy New Year to you! I am a novice food Youtuber. I have a channel by the name Vasu’s Vegetarian Kitchen and i am from India! Ive just started off with my own blog site or website if you want to call it by the name!
I’m excited about it and that’s my biggest win because ive wanted a website where i could share home made recipes which are healthy and at the same time delicious! Launching my blog site is my biggest achievement and i’m excited about this whole social media scene! That’s my WIN!

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@starsglitter OMG that is absolutely amazing!! congratulations on all your accomplishments! This is such an exciting time, I am sure. Can’t wait to see what you blog brings to the table for us and everyone else.