Monday vs. Asana

Do any of you use or Asana? We have been using Trello but it doesn’t seem quite powerful enough to handle all we need. (Although I do really love Trello!) Would love any thoughts and advice.

I’ve heard many people using Trello but I’m still loving Evernote.



Yeah, I’ve never used Evernote! I know many people love it.

I have used Trello, Asana, and I tried

  • I think that Trello is easy and visual to use, maybe the paid version has more options (automation).

  • Asana is excellent to create systems, I used it to list all the tasks I need to do to be consistent with every blog post. It also has a view like Trello with the lists. I would like the free version to give me some dependencies between tasks, but this is included in the paid version.

  • Monday was a little complicated to set up if you are not sure what your workflow should look like. This was my case, so I skipped it.

I’m still figuring out which one to stick to between Trello and Asana.

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Thanks for the feedback on all those options!