Mental Health of Bloggers

Yes, I said it and I am going to talk about it. Last night I received another out-of-line comment on one of my recipes (in the lines of “how dare I share recipes in grams since I live in the US and must follow US recipe guidelines”). I know this happens to all of us and let’s be honest, it takes away the fun of creating and sharing recipes.

It made me wonder: how many professions are there where random strangers are “allowed” to go around and criticize someone’s work 24/7? I am now at the point I fear strangers on the internet almost more than my former Manager. I worked in restaurants and in the ER (I am a RN as well) and can deal with people but let’s be honest: some people on the internet can be the worst.

Blogging can be very lonely as is, especially when you live on your own (and during a pandemic). I am curious, how does everyone deal with the constant negativity some people have to express about one work?

(I am not sharing this to get “I am so sorry this happened to your comments”. I am sharing this because I believe bloggers should not be treated this way)


@austrianwithwuff Daniela! Thank you so much for starting this thread and for willing to be vulnerable about this topic. It’s no joke and something we all have to deal with eventually.

Being a blogger is a VERY vulnerable job for sure. We put our best selves out there for anyone and everyone to critique. “Energy flows where attention goes” is one of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes. When we focus on the negativity, our own energy sinks. I believe that we can all teach ourselves to focus on all of the positive, good, lovely, supportive comments until we don’t even see the negative ones anymore.

I acknowledge that this isn’t easy to do and that it is a process! Especially, as you mentioned, when we’re lonely as it is and working alone and wanting so badly to see positive feedback on the content we pour our hearts into!

A few thoughts I have that might help…

  • Hire a VA to sort through Youtube and blog comments and delete the negative ones so you don’t even have to know they were ever written.
  • Spend an entire week intentionally noticing and acknowledging every single positive email or comment you receive!
  • Keep talking to peers who are positive (the people in this forum!) and who you trust. We can lift each other up!
  • Remind yourself that you are doing a great job and that you are valuable, smart and creative and your work in this world matters.

So happy to know you! Thank you again so much for sharing about this. :heart: :heart: :heart:


Unfortunately internet trolls come with the territory of having an online blog/business. It totally sucks… but we learn to grow thick skin and ignore the negative comments that people throw at us.

I love Megan’s that she gave you!!

Know that we are here to support you and relate with what you are experiencing. It such a low blow to our self esteem when a comment like that pops up, but know that there will be more good and positive energy than bad!

This made me think of this discussion @austrianwithwuff I love Gary Vee’s words about this!

@megan Thank you for sharing this. His words are perfect.

And thank you for your response. I actually have not checked Pinterest in a few days and limit my time on Instagram. It baffles me that people are rude on Pinterest (mainly because one can’t link with story pins…)