Memorial Day - what are your plans?

I’m finding it VERY hard to believe that Memorial Day is next week, but the calendar tells me it’s true.

  • What are you posting or creating?
  • What are you doing for fun?
  • Have you thought about your goals for the summer yet?

I know the big goal I have for my summer is to write an ebook that encompasses basically everything I know about content development and marketing. Easy Peasy!!!


SAME, Bethany! I cannot believe this weekend is Memorial weekend. It’s kind of insane.

I’m not posting anything related, really.
I’m hoping we can go camping again, but we’re having a hard time finding an available campground. All campgrounds in MN are closed, so we’re having to go into other states to camp.
Goals for summer: LESS WORK. :slight_smile:

I love hearing that you’re going to write an ebook this summer! That’s amazing!!

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Can’t wait to see that e-book Bethany!! I actually have nothing planned out. I totally spaced out Memorial day this year lol!

@megan I want to go camping too! Since we haven’t been able to travel this year, the least we can do is go camping. I hope you find a spot!