Memorial Day cookouts - give some love!

Memorial Day weekend is coming up in the US! This typically means lots of cookouts and BBQs happening.

So what recipe on your site would you either make or bring for a cookout?

Post a link or two below and we can check out each other’s recipes! You may even find one you’d like to try! :wink:


I’d probably make this pineapple chicken - it’s easy and really good. And boneless skinless thighs are so quick to grill.

Then I’d also serve some red skin potato salad with bacon - this one several people have raved about when I made it, so I know it’s a crowd pleaser!


Those both look SO good @taryn ! Here are two of my go-to recipes for summer gatherings:
World’s Best Pasta Salad
Edamame Tomato Salad


Two of my grilling favorites:

Grilled Swordfish with Garlic Soy Marinade
Easy Grilled Steak Tips


This potato salad uses one of my favorite Spring items at the Farmers Market-Leek Scapes! Potato Salad with Leek Scapes and Herbs

These single serve cheesecakes are a hit every time I make them. I am all about no cook desserts! No Bake Mojito Cheesecakes In a Jar


@megan - I miss good pasta salad! That looks so good.

@CookingChat - I’ve never had grilled swordfish! It looks delicious.

@thecoppertable - I love the cheesecake in a jar idea! No bake desserts are the best, especially for the summer.


A couple of our favourites, Grilled Tequila Lime Chicken and Creamy Potato Salad


These all sound good! I think I’d be on drinks and make this ocean water cocktail or this Cherry limeade


@taryn no cook desserts really are the best!

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@BBQandBaking - Love the tequila lime chicken! Grilled thighs are the best.

@Shanelle - I’ve never heard of ocean water! That cocktail looks cool!

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I am not big into Memorial Day cookouts but want to take advantage of the traffic and potential higher RPMs over the weekend.

I see on this list lots of pasta salads, potato salads, no bake dessert, grilled chicken. What other recipes on your blogs do you see an increase for?

I have been doing some web stories the last couple weeks and want to try and promote my posts with a Memorial Day theme. I just did that with my Costco Pork Guide - Costco Pork Chops for Grilling on Memoiral Day - Eat Like No One Else

That blog post in itself isn’t a Memorial Day post but I created that webstory that is.

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That is a great web story @eatlikenooneelse and such a good way to repurpose content.

Looking back at some top recipes last year for Memorial Day, for me it was most anything grilled. Grilled corn on the cob, grilled chicken burgers, grilled pineapple, grilled onion, etc. Also had some smoking recipes - smoked skirt steak and smoked chicken breast. Granted my site has a lot of grilling recipes so it’s going to be skewed.

This is a fun string. Thanks @TarynS for starting it! @megan your salads look delicious. @thecoppertable I love the idea of a ready-to-go No-Bake Mojito Cheese Cake. @BBQandBaking your potato salad would go perfect with what I’m serving. @Shanelle (we are using the same template!) and your cocktails sound delicious and refreshing. @CookingChat those Grilled Steak Tips could even be a fun appetizer!

I think I’d like to make my Tuscan Lemon-Rosemary Spatchock Chicken and while that chicken is resting, I’ll grill up some Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Eggplant, and Onions.


@Chele I absolutely love spatchcocking chicken. It is hands down my favorite way to make a whole chicken - it just cooks so much better. Love that recipe!

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