Making the switch

I never ever thought I’d be writing a post about switching from Squarespace to Wordpress. I’ve been with SS from the beginning (nearly 10 years!) and there are so many things I have loved about it. They have top-notch customer care, their built-in templates are beautiful and require no effort or thought to navigate through. Everything inside the platform is easy and intuitive. But… they’ve never provided us with a recipe card. I’ve employed hacks and third party code for this entire time in order to have a recipe card for each post. Recently it’s become a pain because the third party code doesn’t agree with a recent SS update.

So instead of diving into yet another fix/hack, I threw up my arms and welcomed Wordpress into my life. I’m not officially live yet, but soon (yikes). Are there any words of advice you have for me before officially taking the plunge? Anything you wish you’d known before digging in?

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Congrats on making the change! I see Squarespace as like renting an apartment and WordPress as owning a home. Yes, there is more maintenance that you have to do on WP, but the options are basically limitless and you have much more control. I think you’ll feel much better with it.

I’d say just take time to plan it out and get to know WP a bit before you actually make the switch. Do you have any specific questions?

Thanks! I love the analogy!
I don’t have specific questions yet, but haven’t given it much of my attention. I’ll let you know if things pop up as we dig in!

I’m going through this process right now! I’ve been on Squarespace for about 5 years now, but I finally decided to make the switch over to WP because of the exact same reason, the recipe cards! Now, I’m having the most difficult time making the switch.

I have a question, how did you transfer your SS site over to WP? I chose Siteground as my host, but I’m so confused on how to “point my domain” or if I choose a new WP site. I’m super confused :sweat_smile:

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@kitjen Your host should be willing and able to take care of all of those details. I switched to Bigscoots when I made the switch and and the transition was seamless.

I’m so happy to hear you are making this switch. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made and I wish I’d done it YEARS earlier!

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Thank you @megan for responding :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will have to check my host and see if it can fully migrate my current blog to WP. I agree, it took a few months to convince myself to finally take the leap, but I’m so excited to be a “real food blogger” with a WP site!

I have one more question (sorry :sweat_smile:), would switching over to WP affect a couple of blog posts I have ranked #1 on Google?

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@kitjen NO, moving to WP should not affect your Google rankings. If anything it’ll improve them because you’ll actually have a fully functioning schema-packed recipe card!