Make Plans For Your Monday - Keep Growth On Track!

It’s almost Monday. Who takes the time to map out a to-do list or schedule your week, know what content you’re focusing on?

Let’s cheer each other on in some sort of organization that helps us to stay focused on growth! Growth in both ourselves AND our blogs!

Tag someone :point_down: in the group to encourage them or to add someone to the group so we can support one another.

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I love planning my week on the weekend, I get so much more done, when I plan everything.

Do you have a system that works for you? Do you an electronic calendar, something on paper? How much do you plan out?

I love a paper calendar and lists. So when I use them, they’re great. But I’m not consistent.

Taking a mental health day today. Working retail on the weekends is getting to me so I have zero brain space to even think about my website. Tomorrow is a new day :slight_smile:

@austrianwithwuff - good for you for recognizing that was important today. I’m sorry you’re having a tough day. Do something kind for yourself and get going another day.

We ALL have those days and sometimes we can’t power through anymore.


I use Excel lists plus a free task tool. Changed my content game completely. I can publish now double as much content as I used to do before, thanks to batching and my planning system.

Great tips to share! I love that you saw a doubling of your work output and so you knew it was worth doing.

I’m sure others can use that kind of inspiration!

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