Looking for Healthy Dinner Recipes for November

Please provide a quick blurb about your recipe any why it’s great for November! By providing a link I will also be using a photo but provide a backlink. Due by October 31st.

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Thanks for asking for ideas! This is the first one that came to mind:

Description: Spice up your fall squash options with this delicious Butternut Squash Chickpea Curry! A healthy option for November when squash is abundant the heavy holiday eating season approaches.

Sweet potatoes are abundant this time of year, and this is a very quick and easy dish to make with them! Sweet Potato Frittata - Paleo - Cathy's Gluten Free

Please consider my Red Lentil & Potato Soup recipe for your roundup - this soup is hearty, healthy, and perfect for those cold November nights :slight_smile: It’s also 100% plant-based and vegan.

Ham is served at a lot of holiday dinners but leftovers need a great recipe to be put to use in. This ham bone soup with potatoes recipe is the perfect way to use up your leftover holiday ham and any veggies you have around. Great to freeze or bring to work as meals too.

This Broccoli Pasta recipe is one of my favorite. This was a staple in my house growing up. I can remember standing next to my dad at the stove as he made this delicious easy vegetarian dinner. It’s like a big bowl of comfort.

This pumpkin rice is the best recipe after Halloween. You can use the leftover pumpkins. Pumpkin Rice • Simple Sumptuous Cooking

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to submit recipes for your round-up! :slight_smile: Sounds like a fun one :slight_smile: I have 2:

  1. This Easy Butternut Squash Recipe is perfect for November as it’s in season and super easy to make!
    Easy Gochujang Butternut Squash - Greedy Girl Gourmet

  2. This Chinese Pumpkin Soup is a nutritious but delicious recipe- super simple to make as you just need to mix all the ingredients then steam them! Chinese Pumpkin Soup with Carrots - Greedy Girl Gourmet

Thank you for the opportunity! Just updated my Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie Recipe. It’s one of our family’s favorite fall recipes. Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie - Dirt and Dough.

My new Thai Butternut Squash Curry is a great November recipe! Curry is super warm and comforting and pairs will with the sweet flavors of butternut squash.

This dates milk recipe is the perfect comfort drink to warm you this winters. It is thick, creamy and has the natural sweetness of dates.

This quinoa halwa recipe can be made in 20 minutes. It requires 4 basic ingredients that is quinoa flour, sugar, ghee and water.

This Healthy White Chicken Chili is one of the reader favorites from my blog and only takes 10 minutes of actual work to make. The instant pot does the rest! It’s SO delicious and perfect for cozy (and/or lazy) fall nights.

Thanks for starting this @pieceoflulu Here are my ideas:
- Brown sugar cookies in under 30 minutes because November and fall is perfect for baking: Easy 3-Ingredient Brown Sugar Cookies - Greedy Girl Gourmet
- Chinese pumpkin and carrot soup because fall is all about pumpkins and this steamed soup is warming, nourishing and healthy! Chinese Pumpkin Soup with Carrots - Greedy Girl Gourmet
- Singapore mee siam is the perfect November dish, because who doesn’t love a hot bowl of tangy noodles when the weather is cold? This bowl of noodles will transport you right to Asia! Singapore Mee Siam Recipe (with Soup) - Greedy Girl Gourmet
- Chinese Pumpkin Porridge: This recipe, adapted from a Michelin Star Chinese restaurant recipe’s to make it suitable for weekday dinners, is a great way to use up all that leftover pumpkin puree! Easy hotel chinese pumpkin rice recipe (with fish and soup)
- Nutella Latte: Lattes are the perfect drink for curling up on the sofa in front of a fire with a good book in November! Easy Nutella Coffee Latte (3-ingredients) - Greedy Girl Gourmet

Look forward to seeing the list!

try this delicious black rice palm sugar sweet donut