**LIVE VIDEO CHAT/AMA** with Megan Porta on her business plan guide for food bloggers on Thursday, May 7 at 11:30ET

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this chat!

The live stream is over, but feel free to leave comments or questions!

You can download her business guide on the EBT website. It will be great to have to follow along as she talks.

She’ll answer your questions and also focus on the business plan portions that cover:

  • creating a mission statement
  • creating an unplan

Post your questions now and join us on Thursday morning!

Hey Megan! So fun to do this via video. Looking forward to hearing great VALUE from you as we start this video chat!

haha! Yes, when I worked at Starbucks we had to memorize the mission and vision and all that jazz. It was slightly helpful to get us all on the same page but also annoying.

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I can see learning the mission statement can unite people together towards accomplishing something IF the company stays on focus, like you said. Checking in weekly.

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Here’s the podcast episode with Todd Bulloch where he talks about the “undo” list if anyone wants to listen:

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I love the “unplanning” idea! Especially getting away from the having to work 40 hours a week every week of every year forever.

That was a good episode!

Maybe you could touch on the ‘monetization’ part also? I think we all need this! I find I do a lot of things that aren’t actually tied to making money, but whenever I look at a business plan it helps bring me back to the fact that my business needs to make money!


Maybe you could talk about your course??? :wink:

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FYI: Discount code for the course is BUSINESSPLAN and you get 25% off! Woop!

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