Linking back to other sites

I learned that reciprocal linking of domains to each other is considered a bad strategy as Google doesn’t count those links because it sees it as link exchange.

But what if you linked to someone at some point and later they just happened to link to you without even knowing you linked to them. Is that bad for SEO? What do you do then?

My understanding is Google knows the difference between link swapping and natural linking.

For example, I have several roundups that feature food bloggers I’m friends with whose recipes work for my audience. And they also have roundups that feature my recipes that work for their audience. But the links didn’t appear to each others’ sites on the same day and they don’t link to the same recipe (as in, my taco post linking to her enchilada post and vice versa).

All that to say, I think you’re safe. :+1:


Yes, I agree with Taryn. As long as there is no pattern to the linking and it isn’t done frequently. It is natural to link to friends and sites you trust. I was told that Google can detect the difference between friendly sites linking to each other and something more nefarious.