Let's spread a little POSITIVITY!

I thought I was immune to the virus slump (which in my opinion is more damaging than the actual virus), but I feel emotionally terrible today!

Let’s use this thread to talk about good things! Please contribute! @Momsdish gave me this idea from a thread she started on FB, so thanks for spreading the positivity vibe, Natalya. :heart:

Good things:

  • LOTS of time with my boys is in store in the coming weeks.
  • I want to use this “down time” to refocus (work and life).
  • Suddenly feeling grateful for every morsel of food in our home.
  • I’m really glad I’m not at the grocery store today.

Ok, your turn!


Love it! :smiley:

My good things…

  1. I’ve been doing spring cleaning on my blog and other things like Canva, my desktop, etc. It feels so good!
  2. I bought 8 more baby chicks last night. :heart_eyes: My little ones are thrilled!
  3. We got a bunch more snow over night, so a whole lot of baking is going on this afternoon. Honey butter scones are next!

Ahh I love it all! Ok, I think we definitely need to see the baby chicks @MaryWoita . Baby chicks will lift anyone’s spirits, right?! :hatching_chick:

Baby chicks?! How fun @MaryWoita !!

@megan I’m grateful for the food we have now too (we take so much for granted!) – and how creative I can get with the pantry items and subs I ended up buying at the grocery store from what was left on the shelves. All of my kids are on a mandatory work-from-home situation for 3 weeks + grandkids are off school until April 6th. I’m grateful we’ll get to see more of everyone.

I also contacted the woman who created my logo. She’s tackling some tech items for me as well as a new theme.


This is a really good time for blog spring cleaning - Pinterest too. I’ll be doing both.


Great idea!

– I’m thankful my husband is home with no work as he’s a teacher. It will be great having him help with the kids.
– I’m thankful that this is letting us focus on some of the more important things.
– I’m hoping to be able to do a bit more baking. (I’m not a food blogger, but I love baking…it’s just hard to fit into my normal routine.)
– I’m hoping to stay focused and use this time to do more work in general and research for the ebook I want to create. Also use the time for some spring cleaning/organizing.


And SLEEP. Hopefully I can get a little more sleep. :slight_smile:

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My kids are both on mandatory work from home so they’re home caring for their kids (our grandkids - 5 and 3). We usually have them after school Tuesdays and Thursdays and I miss them even though I just saw them Sunday but something about knowing they won’t be here twice every week. Anyone with extra kids they want to ship over? I promise not to spoil them too much!


Haha, want my kids? :wink: I know my mom is having a hard time not seeing my kids! It’s such a change. But I’m glad we can still do video chats.

Yeah @agoudalife you can have mine, too! I’m sure you’ll get plenty of offers. :joy: :rofl:


Yesterday was a ROUGH one for me, guys. Yikes! I’m sure we will all have good days and also tough ones in the coming weeks.

My positivity for the day:
I woke up and decided to place myself in the center of my boys because they always make me laugh. We snuggled and laughed for over an hour and that is just what I needed to start the day.

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