Let's hear your 2019 wins!

2019 is almost done! I’ve spent the past week enjoying family time, NOT being very productive with work (I’m 100% ok with this after a super intense year) and thinking back on my personal wins from 2019.

My wins: I published 178 new recipes this year. I launched a podcast for food bloggers and I’ve learned SO much from each of the amazing guests I’ve had on the show. I initiated the switch from Squarespace to Wordpress (been holding out for nearly a decade and IT WAS TIME). I connected with so many smart, talented bloggers and entrepreneurs. It was such a great year!

Share YOUR 2019 wins! Let’s hear them!

2019 was AWESOME and a little frustrating at the exact same time!


Frustrations included a constant struggle with pinterest having fake users steal my content and redirect to their spam sites. Because of that, my focus changed from creating new pins, because it just felt like I was losing a battle that wasn’t ever going to change.

2020 will be awesome! Can’t wait to jump into it head first:)


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Dustin, your wins are INCREDIBLE! Nice work!
Having Pinterest pins stolen is such an ongoing and frustrating battle. I’m sorry you are dealing with that.
Here’s to an awesome year ahead for you! Thanks so much for sharing your wins and struggles…