Let's Chat Pinterest Idea Pins!

I would love to get a conversation going what people are thinking about IDEA PINS in Pinterest.

Who has the Earn button?

What’s working?
What’s not working? W
What’s gotten you the most saves? How are you engaging the audience with your pins?
How many pages are you doing in an Idea pin?
Do you use Canva + the app or just the app?

Share a few things you’ve learned about Idea Pins the last month because we’re all ears! :ear:

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To be honest, I gave up on Pinterest. I pin my recipes but there is no rhyme or reason behind it. With being a one girl show, I can’t do it all and Pinterest brought the least of the return so I am not spending hours working on it anymore.

That’s fair! There’s a lot of things to keep up in the air. I’m sure you’ve got more than enough to help you working towards your goals.

Keep an eye on this thread though, something might inspire you down the line.

I know that many people are getting the “Earn” button and trying to work on IdeaPins from that. The traffic is all over the place but for those that are keeping their pulse on Pinterest, worth checking out and connecting with other bloggers to see what works.

I don’t have the earn feature yet, but I’ve been trying to stay up to speed with idea pins by collaborating with my smart fellow food bloggers. It sounds like Pinterest is wanting video inclusion in idea pins these days. @melissat YOU work with a handful of bloggers and produce idea pins for them. What do you see that works well?

I would also love to hear what you’re seeing is working well! This is my first month with the Earn Button and it’s motivating me to create more Idea Pins. Definitely seems like they want video and multiple pages. I should end this month with $300 from the program.


That’s exciting!

June will be the first full month of working towards earning through Pinterest so I’m anxious to get started. The targets are similar but not the same for the Pinterest challenges in June (they post the next months challenges a few days a head which is nice so you can strategize). Video is not the main focus in June it seems BUT video would be more engaging for the audience so still very valuable. Those money shots with the hero shot are going to catch people’s eyes. Or a teaching moment with a video, showing people how to do something that they want to learn.

The monthly challenges don’t seem to be hard per se but the biggest challenge I would say is to get enough “saves” for your content to hit the mark for Pinterest. You’re going to have to educate your audience to “save” your idea pins, even though they don’t take you to a link, like Pinterest has been showing their users for years.

Does anyone “repurpose” the idea pin slides for anything else? I have been saving them but am unsure if they can. You can’t reuse a whole pin within the challenges, they have to be unique.

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I have the earn feature this month (June) and the hardest part for me is that I can’t use images/video I’ve previously shared in other pins. However, I have been repurposing IG/FB reels by turning them into idea pins with multiple slides. And I’m not sticking to recipes from my blog. I can create a complete recipe from start to finish and include the ingredients/directions in the notes, which I think is appealing since it’s a complete “idea” which seems like people would be more likely to save. However, it doesn’t feel easy to get 50 or 100 saves. Or at least it takes a while. So we’ll see! But I am very excited to be in the rewards program.


First off, congratulations on diving right in! I love that you’re repurposing content and jumping with both feet, figuring this out.

You have the whole month to work on getting saves and trying out different content and forms so I think by you and other bloggers sharing here what you’re all seeing, all of you will have success.