Leftover Turkey Pasta Recipes

I am doing a post on pasta recipes you can make after Thanksgiving with leftover turkey. I have room in the post to add some other blogger’s recipes, so if you got one, feel free to share.

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This caprese pasta salad doesn’t have turkey in it, but I mention in the notes that adding it would be delicious!

Hi! Here are 3 options, depending on which fills the best gap for you in the round up. I hope one will work for you! I am new to the group, so it’s great to e-meet you :).

This Ramen Bowl suggests rotisserie chicken, so leftover turkey is perfect.

This one is a recipe including cooking chicken, but I have an FAQ in the post suggesting how to use leftover chicken or turkey.

Similar to the above, it has an FAQ in the post about how to use leftover chicken or turkey.

Yes that would still work. Thanks

I am doing a section on using turkey in replace of chicken for pasta recipes and will pick one of these to include.

This is right up my alley! Love making good use of leftovers. Here are two for your consideration:

and Orzo with Leftover Turkey and Sweet Potatoes - Cooking Chat

Here you go - hope it helps :slight_smile: