Launch by Jeff Walker

Has anyone read Launch by Jeff Walker? I was sharing with someone recently that I need help launching a few different projects (I suck at this part). She recommended I read the book Launch by Jeff Walker, so I started listening to the audio book.

It is incredible! I never thought I could get excited about launching a project. Just wondering if this book has helped anyone…

Have you started reading it? I haven’t heard of it, and I’m always a bit cynical at first, but it probably has some good advice. At the very least, these books remind me of the things I should be doing but don’t!

I’m listening to the audio book every free minute. I’m loving it!

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I’ve read it a few years ago, I remember finding it very inspiring.

But without a product to sell or an e-course to launch, I felt like his advice wasn’t actionable for me at the time. It’s still on my kindle, I probably should re-visit it soon :slight_smile:


Hi Kasia! The information in Launch can even be geared toward so many things, really. You could “launch” even a small project you’re working on to test it out… then apply it to bigger projects when you have some ready.

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