Kitchen Tools Bracket πŸ”ͺ - ...and the winner is!

Hey all!

Before everything including March Madness was cancelled, we’d decided to have a little fun with a kitchen tools bracket !

You can view the round of 32 here!
And the round of 16 here!
And the round of 8!
And the round of 4!

Vote for your favorite tool/pan/appliance. It can be one you think is fun, one you can’t live without, or for whatever reason you want.

Voting in this final is open Thursday, March 2-Friday, March 3.

Have fun!

  • Dutch oven
  • Slow cooker

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Voting is closed!

And with adding in the votes from Instagram, which were split 50/50…

the winner is SLOW COOKER :partying_face:

What do you think? Did slow cookers deserve to win as the best kitchen tool??