Keysearch vs Rankiq

Hi, what are your thoughts about keysearch and rankiq ?

They’re both too expensive for me. I’m still using free tools until my blog is making enough money to invest in paid tools.

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Thankyou for sharing your views, I was thinking to invest for keyword research. So I wanted to know is it worth it or not.

I use both actually - they are my two favorite KW research tools currently along with KW everywhere and KW surfer.

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I’ve used both and actually wrote a post on this topic! If you’re interested here it is (Hope I’m not breaking any rules by leaving a link?) Food blog keyword research: RankIQ vs Keysearch - Greedy Girl Gourmet


Nope, no rules broken! Thanks for sharing that!

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Thankyou for sharing your views :blush:

Thanks! :slight_smile: Good to know!


I’m a VA and I work with several food bloggers. Many of them incorporate Keysearch, Google and most recently RankIQ into the mix.

@megan has been sharing her strategy of success with using RankIQ and how she’s honed in supporting her niche with RankIQs help.

There are a lot of good services out there but a lot of them that are good to start with aren’t super expensive and then the more confidence and knowledge you grow, you can build out and pay for some services.

Great questions and feedback here!


I use both! If you do the free trial of Keysearch they’ll give you a discount code for an annual plan and it’s more affordable that way.

I also use RankIQ and it is 100% worth the money. Not only does it help me figure out what keywords I can rank for, but it takes me 80% less time to write a blog post and I’ve gotten so much more work done.

I’ve actually found lots of success using both tools together. Feel free to message me for more info!

You should watch the videos Brandon made about RankIQ and see why it works. Click here for the link!


Thankyou so much :relaxed::relaxed:

Hi @Shellyfoodspot I use both and LOVE how they work so well in tandem with each other. I usually search RankIQ first and if I don’t find anything that fits, I go to Keysearch. Even if I do find a good keyword to use from RankIQ, I run it through the optimizer there AND get the list of LSI keywords from Keysearch and use those in my post, too.

RankIQ is a database with a fraction of hand-picked keywords vs what you’ll find on tools like Keysearch. But! The words you do find in RankIQ are more likely to rank on Google. I’ve found Keysearch to be the best option for “plan B” for me because it is easy to use, has a lot of data, has a downloadable LSI keywords function AND it’s only like $13ish/month.

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Thankyou so much. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


First, let me introduce myself. I am Dina and my husband is Bruce. We have been married 34 years, both have full time careers, but decided to start a blog a few years back to help share our recipes. So, having said that, weekends and lunch are when I have time to even use these tools…but they are both so good!

I started with keysearch over a year ago, and love it. When I heard of Rank IQ, at first I thought, why do I need another one. Then I listened to many podcast including Brandon’s and gave it a try. Wow. I now see that both of them are super useful.


Welcome @Dina ! So happy to have you here.

I agree that both KS and RIQ are must-haves. I can’t imagine my blogging life without either of them!

Welcome @Dina - happy to have you here and thanks for sharing what works for you!

Personally I use primarily Keysearch. I have tried RankIQ and either just didn’t get the hang of it or couldn’t get it to work for me (or with me). I find that I do pretty well with just Keysearch.