Keysearch vs Rankiq

Hi, what are your thoughts about keysearch and rankiq ?

They’re both too expensive for me. I’m still using free tools until my blog is making enough money to invest in paid tools.

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Thankyou for sharing your views, I was thinking to invest for keyword research. So I wanted to know is it worth it or not.

I use both actually - they are my two favorite KW research tools currently along with KW everywhere and KW surfer.

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I’ve used both and actually wrote a post on this topic! If you’re interested here it is (Hope I’m not breaking any rules by leaving a link?) Food blog keyword research: RankIQ vs Keysearch - Greedy Girl Gourmet


Nope, no rules broken! Thanks for sharing that!

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Thankyou for sharing your views :blush:

Thanks! :slight_smile: Good to know!


I’m a VA and I work with several food bloggers. Many of them incorporate Keysearch, Google and most recently RankIQ into the mix.

@megan has been sharing her strategy of success with using RankIQ and how she’s honed in supporting her niche with RankIQs help.

There are a lot of good services out there but a lot of them that are good to start with aren’t super expensive and then the more confidence and knowledge you grow, you can build out and pay for some services.

Great questions and feedback here!