June Google core update

Did any of you watch the Top Hat Rank webinar yesterday with Casey Markee? He mentioned that the Google core update began rolling out on June 2nd (and will continue through mid-August) and that some bloggers may already be seeing traffic changes.

Any new insights to report? My traffic is UP! :clap:

Actually, these are two different things. There was a regular Google update on June 2 AND the page experience (core web vitals) update began rolling out on Tuesday and will continue through September. Google has already said there will also be another update in July.

Usually it takes over a week for a regular update to roll out, so if you saw traffic drop after June 2, it may have rebounded already.

And for the page experience update, it’s more of a “tie breaker” thing, so most people likely won’t notice any changes from it.

That’s great your traffic is up, Megan!


I didn’t catch the webinar but definitely plan to check out the recording! My traffic has been doing quite well this month so far and I wondered if it might relate to the updates. Or just I’m moving in the right direction with content, etc! I do pretty well with some grilling recipes and other summer food.

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@CookingChat Sooo happy to hear your traffic is moving in the right direction!