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Who uses JumpRope? I love this app. It’s getting bigger and better for step-by-step/how to videos. I’d like to follow other creators who are also here in the EBT community. If you’re not using it for video/story creation, check them out. They have a platform that allows you to create “story” type videos and format them so they are ready to share across multiple platforms ie IG, FB, Pinterest, youtube.

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Does anyone here use Jumprope? It’s a video creation app. I just used it for the first time in a contest for the Virtual Tastemaker Conference and was surprised how easy it was. Would love to connect with others who’ve used it!

@FancyApron and @TarynS Y’all posted this same thing at basically the same time, so I merged the two!


Taryn, were you on the call this afternoon with the creators? Are you already on there?

Nevermind, found you and following! I’m there as FancyApron if you want to find me.

Hey - yes, I was on the call this afternoon! So many good things coming - I’ve only been using Jumprope for a week but I love how easy it is and am looking forward to their updates and changes.

How long have you been using it? I saw you have quite a few videos!

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I’ve been using it since June. I’m excited for where it’s heading! And I really like how easy the app is to use.

I have had it on my phone for a long time and I’ve never used it. Maybe it’s time. To see others videos ck out #jumpropeeats on IG

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I had it late this summer because of the news that google was creating their own story pins. The thing is Jumprope is using all the creators to leverage there platform.

Apps like this are going away I believe so I highly doubt the platform “jumprope” will every take off.

The good news is you can create the story pins inside of your wordpress. Google came out with its own plugin. It was pretty buggy but I think it is a lot better as I am not getting anymore warnings in search console.

The benefit of this is that your aware of you will own the content. Google is also going to have a way to have ads in the stories.

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Don’t discount JumpRope just yet. They have an announcement coming out in a few weeks that may change your mind about them. :slight_smile:

Do share? Were you at the Jumprope town Hall Meeting?

I attended the Town Hall and they said they had an announcement with Google that because of NDAs they couldn’t talk about yet, but I think maybe they’re revealing it next week? It’s soon.

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I did. It was interesting and like Taryn said, they couldn’t fully divulge yet. The app has also gone through some pretty cool updates lately such as changes to the feed and added tags. If you haven’t been on lately, I suggest taking a look. Creators are also going to see possible income opportunities in Jan, 2021.

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