Jumprope being deactivated

Just saw the news that Jumprope is being deactivated - they’re deleting the app and doing something with LinkedIn instead.

I’m freaking out a little (okay, a lot) as Jumprope is how I do my videos.

Anyone else is the same boat? Or anyone know any other apps or programs that are as simple as Jumprope?

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:pensive: :pensive: :pensive:
So sad to hear this news! It sounds like they have some awesome opportunities for their company coming up, though.

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I’ve been using InShot to edit my videos. Then to create jumprope-style cards you can create a template in Canva. You can insert images or video and use it in a similar manner to jumprope.

Here’s an idea pin using my template:

This one just has images but you could insert video if you wanted. Each slide is a separate page in canva.


That looks really nice @Katie - I like the animated text too. I’ll probably end up doing templates in Canva, even though I’m annoyed about it. It was so easy to create once and export to a bunch of different dimensions!

I’ll have to check out InShot. I think I looked at it once then let it go because I wasn’t into video at the time. I appreciate the suggestions!


I use InShot too. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use. Love the idea of incorporating Canva with it @Katie ! Do you export it as a video or individual images that you then pull into the Idea Pin creator?

Thanks @TarynS & @LoriMurphy ! Yes it takes some time to set up and it’s not quite as seamless as jumprope but at least it’s more customizable? I really like InShot for video editing. It really is very user friendly. I use Filmic pro to film my videos. Joanie/The Bite Shot has a video about how to use it on her channel.

@LoriMurphy, as far as downloading from canva:

-If you have video/animations on each page you will have to download as mp4. In that case if you choose to download all of the pages at once, canva will smush all of your pages together into one video.

-If you want separate pages/steps to upload to pinterest, you have download them one page at a time. That is kind of a pain. But then when you upload to pinterest users can tap through each step if they want to. I suppose that is a personal preference.

-If they are all static images, you can just download all of the pages at once as jpeg or png and they all download separately.

I use the templates to create video pins too which is nice! Just plop the video in one page and you’ve got the video with your title overlay on top.

Love this Katie! When I was digging through Canva, I came upon these templates. Is this where you started or suggest starting? Apparently there’s music somewhere too but I couldn’t find it or make it work for some reason.

When you’re in canva you can use the search bar and search for instagram story or pinterest pins and a bunch of ideas will pop up! A lot of the templates are paid though so if you want a free version you can just kind of mock up your own based on one you like.

Or if you want you can start with my template and go from there. :blush: You can change the colors, shapes, & fonts if you want a different look.

As far as music, I don’t know. I haven’t tried adding music in canva!

Helpful tips here! I will check this out as a Jumprope alternative.

Wondering if people are taking steps now to download jumprope videos; or if we already have them on YouTube and other social media maybe unnecessary?