Jump Video app

Hello :slight_smile: - wondering if anyone is or has used the Jump app for video production that Media Vine is promoting? It looks really interesting but I’m also thinking ahhhh . . .one more thing!


I used it about six months ago with great results and am working on another video with it right now. I am not sure why I waited so long to use it again. Thumbs up!!


Hi, I used it last week for the first time, not a food video, but more of a practice test. I put it on my stories. But from first glance, it’s extremely easy to navigate (easy enough that it shouldn’t feel too ‘one more thing!’, the branding features a bit dull, but it’s free and effective. For me, it will be a great way to jump (ha, see what I did there) into video, for which I have not done much!



Gosh, I am so behind! I’ve never heard of this. Will pop over to MV and see what I can learn!

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