Javascript issues?

There are a handful of posts I’m unable to edit in Wordpress (since coming from Squarespace). Here’s the message I get:

So I need to enable Javascript? How do I do this? Anyone? @graceandvine ?

I think I still have a username for your site, if you want to send me a link to an example, I can take a look and see if there’s something funky going on with the code – or are you not able to see anything on your post? Otherwise, I’d try enabling javascript first, then try the classic editor plugin.

@graceandvine Really? Oh my gosh, you’re amazing. For creamy mushroom chicken (and a handful of others) I can’t even get into the post to edit it.

I added the Classic Editor plugin for you – I had java enabled but that didn’t work.

I think it’s this line of code: <script async defer src="//"></script>

What I’d recommend is reaching out to The Blog Fixer and seeing if you can have them remove that with their plugin from all of your posts. They’re super affordable!

Thanks, Madison! I appreciate it so much. I’ll reach out to them! Wait, I think I have that code on posts that are opening for me.

How do I go back to the other way of editing? Just deactivate the classic editor or is there another way?

That was the only code I saw in that specific post that would be javascript. It may be worth looking through a handful of posts, but since you have 800+ it’s probably not something you want to do manually :grimacing:

It looks you have a different recipe plugin on that page than the newer recipes? Is that correct? Depending what is pulling that recipe info in, it could be an issue and hey you only see it on some pages.