It's March! What are your goals/plans/vacations?

Welcome to March!

I always think it’s such a fun month, getting out of the winter humdrum, and so many fun low-pressure holidays to base your content around. (Assuming Easter/Passover isn’t till April!)

What do you have going on for this month?

@megan and I have something fun planned for this forum to capitalize on all the basketball craziness, so stay tuned on that! (Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a sports fan.)

Personally, I’m hoping to go to the beach for a day over spring break, so hopefully, my family and I can make that happen!

Anyway, here are a few reminders/suggestions for what you could do for content this month:
Start pushing your content for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter and/or Passover. Throw some March Madness/Basketball themed-topics in there too! (And baseball starts too!) Then, publish and pin new content for late spring, Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day. And think about updating old content for graduation and early summer, especially around recipes for Memorial Day and Father’s Day. (Think barbequing and picnics.)

Good luck!

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I was so glad to say goodbye to February. I’m looking forward to being able to breathe a little bit in March and also catch up on a few projects. I have a bunch of air fryer recipes planned and maybe a few Easter recipes, too. The last week of March is spring break for my boys, so I’m going to do my best to maximize time with them that week!

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I’m also so glad to say goodbye to february! Life got all sorts of out of balance and I feel like I dropped all my juggling balls. I’m slowly gathering them back up and trying to leave the ones that don’t matter on the ground. For march I’m hoping to get deeper into course planning and outlining so
I can actually start doing the work!

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