It's April tomorrow! ☔ What are you focusing on this week for work?

How do we even know when it’s a new week or month anymore??

Last week I created a survey to see how people search for recipes online and get their feedback on food blogs. I got some great results…now I just have to compile it all and do some deep-dive into analyzing it so I can then share it with all of you!

Do you guys have any special projects? What are you thinking about for Passover/Easter? It’s likely going to be VERY different for many people this year. How can you help in that process?

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I cannot WAIT to hear more about your findings!!

April for me… no idea! I wasn’t even totally aware that tomorrow was April 1st. I’m curious to hear how others will be dealing with Easter food this year. I don’t even know how to approach it. I’m hoping good ideas will come to me soon.

Ugh, I forgot about April Fool’s. I really hope people are sensitive about their jokes. It’s the worst day on the internet out of the whole year.

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So true! April Fools has ALWAYS been my least favorite day of the year.

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I have a lot of client work this month, which I’m thankful for but of course it was all scheduled before everything changed. So I’ve got to keep my head down as much as possible to get it all done.