It's A Good Day to Have a Good Day - Let's Start Q4 Strong!


Good morning bloggers!!

I would love to encourage each other with something positive that happened to you, a nugget of wisdom you picked up, a win you had in blogging or life! :dizzy:

I was able to visit with 12 awesome food bloggers at an Eat Blog Talk retreat this weekend. These ladies were fun and so inspiring! They really dove into working with getting to know the other bloggers, lifting each other up and teaching one another so they can all succeed! You could see the introverts, the extroverts, the younger bloggers, those that have been blogging awhile but are still soaking up what others can teach. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Share yours below! :point_down:t4:



My positive note is that I finally got my 1st backlink from a “bigger” site (hello giggles) so can finally start working on a “Featured On” Blurb for the site!!

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That’s awesome! Nice to have those wins and keep working forward!