Issues with Ads

Good Morning, I hope this is okay to ask here. If not, please feel free to delete it.

I recently switched to ad networks and was SO stoked to be accepted by them. Things started out super good with them until one day the “hate emails” about ads started. At first, I was like “It’s one unhappy person… oh well.” Then I got another one and another one. Then people started to comment and complain about them in blog posts. Leaving me 1-star reviews and the whole 9 yards. At this point, I knew something was wrong (maybe important to mention I was in Austria most of this month so I only paid attention to my website when I had to).

So I did a deep dive into the ad placement on my website and was speechless. There was an ad literally after every paragraph. At one point I counted 7 ads in my recipe card alone. So I reached out to and they tried whatever they could from me to reduce the ads in my recipe cards. I also started grouping paragraphs together so there won’t be an ad after every sentence.

My RPM has dropped by over 50%. But one can actually read the blog post and not just look at ads. Clearly, I need the income like everyone else who works so hard towards being accepted on an ad network.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to handle this? I have had ads on my website since April and have not once received an email complaining about them. On the one hand, I want to crank the ads back up and on the other side, I want to ensure a good user experience for my readers.

Yes, I reached out to customer support about this but did not receive a lot of help or support. Apparently, I am at 23% on desktop and 25% on mobile ad density which more feels like 50% to me.

Thank you for any feedback or just for listening.


Hi Daniela! Sorry to hear you’ve been getting negative feedback about ads on your site! If you’re with a reputable ad network, you can request ad adjustments to cater to your preferences. It usually takes a quick email, tell them exactly what you’d like (and don’t like) and that’s it. I hope that helps!