Is the term BBQ or Cookout?

Vote here for which one it should be, and please tell us in the comments WHY and where you live. :wink:

You’re invited to a backyard…

  • BBQ
  • Cookout

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I have HEARD from people in the south that it’s VERY incorrect to call it a BBQ, as that is a type of food and not an event. Point taken, but I still call it a BBQ, thank you very much. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :joy:

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Raised in Iowa, now in Indiana. I use cookout more frequently…but can’t say I never call it a BBQ!!


I know @BethanySmith …people get really fired up about this! For me it’s always BBQ.

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@Liz I didn’t know you were raised in Iowa. So was I! Where in IA?

Wow!!! I grew up in Ames, then moved to Iowa City for college. What a small world! Where are you from?


Crazy!! I went to junior high and high school in west central Iowa in Manning and I went to college at Buena Vista University.

My dad graduated from ISU. He’s a die-hard cyclone. :slight_smile:

My dad taught Physics at ISU for decades! Then my mom went back to college and got her MFA the year I graduated high school, so she taught at ISU, too.

I had to change my allegiance to the Hawkeyes after I left Ames. Love that we found this connection!!

It depends on what your cooking! If your actually Bbqing it’s a BBQ if your cooking maybe hotdogs it’s a cookout! That’s my 2cents !


@Stevesgrillworld I like it, Steve!

I’m in the South, born and raised, and I like Steve’s definition!


I never heard or used cookout to describe a BBQ, in Canada it 100% BBQ