Is the Clubhouse Food Blogger Convos on?

I don’t get any invited to listen to the clubhouse talk on Thursdays. The last recording I have is from August 17. I have been traveling out of the country for some time so I was wondering if I missed invites? I also noticed that many clubhouse “talks” have been canceled or moved to youtube so I don’t know what is going on with Clubhouse.
I like so much as a platform. I want it to stay!

Hi @wedesserts - thank you for asking this!

Clubhouse has changed their platform, which makes it difficult to do our typical Thursday calls. @megan is currently exploring other options for the calls and as soon as we know what it will be we will let the EBT community know!

Thank you Taryn. Have a nice week!

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Glad to know there will hopefully be a new location for these - I enjoy them, also!


Will the session be going ahead this week? If do, o need to shift somethings at my 9-5

@Keira - no, there won’t be a Clubhouse session this week. There will be a free Productivity session at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific though!

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